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Angel Garage 23 Jun 2023

Benefits of Hiring the Best Car Service Centre in Gurugram

Nobody likes to get stranded on the road. 

Just as your body needs a timely check-up to stay fit, so does your car. Unfortunately, most car owners avoid servicing their vehicles until a problem arises. Servicing your car every 5000 km or once or twice a year increases its life span and protects you from unwanted surprises. It also increases its resale value as a well-serviced vehicle is likely to be sold at a reasonable price. At Angel Garage, one of the top car service centres in Gurugram, we provide exceptional service for your car to run smoothly on the busy streets of Gurugram and when you venture on those long drives. 

What does our car service include?

At our car garage, our car service is different from a typical car service. We use cutting-edge diagnostic tools to analyze and resolve any issues in your vehicle. 

Here is the list of services we deliver:

1. Oil change
We consistently maintain your oil and oil filters for superior performance and overall engine durability. 

2 Brake service
To find potential risks, we carefully assess the complete brake system.

3. Tune-ups 
An engine tune-up involves inspecting the engine for components that require cleaning, repair, or replacement.

4. Fluid services
We flush out and refill fluids for your car to run smoothly. The primary fluids required are engine oil, gearbox fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, windscreen wiper fluid, and coolant. 

5. Battery service
A battery service involves inspecting the battery, battery cables, and terminals. However, the battery is an integral part of the car and needs to be replaced every 4 to 5 years. 

6. Electrical repairs
The electric components in your car, such as the gearbox, tires, and engine, need maintenance. Damage to your car's electrical system affects the overall functionality of your vehicle.

7. Tire replacement services
Our mechanics replace your car's tires in case of wear or tear. Our tire service includes rotation, alignment, balancing, and air pressure.
8. Diagnostic service
Our advanced diagnostic tools analyze every hidden problem in your car to avoid unplanned repairs.

Why choose Angel Garage, the best car service center in Gurugram?

Regular servicing of the car ensures not only extends its life but also protects us from unwanted repairs. However, choosing the best and most reliable car service is challenging, with many car workshops in Gurugram boasting incredible benefits. 

At Angel Garage, the best car service center in Gurugram, we take pride in offering exceptional services at competitive prices. 

Here are some aspects to think about before hiring us.

  • Our mechanics have expertise in automobile knowledge. So, whatever car you own, you can leave your car in our safe hands and relax.
  • We understand repairing calls for unexpected expenses. Our pricing is transparent, with no additional charges. So, before initiating any work on your vehicle, we provide you with a precise estimate to avoid unwanted surprises.
  • We use genuine OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) certified or equivalent parts during servicing to ensure the longevity and efficiency of your car.

So, why wait? Contact us now for all your car maintenance needs. 


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