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Angel Garage 16 Nov 2023

How to Save Car Batteries from Cold Weather

During Winters, car owners often find themselves grappling with a common yet frustrating issue: dead car batteries. Particularly in north and Gujrat. Surat as known for its winters, this becomes a prevalent problem. This blog aims to shed light on why car batteries succumb to cold weather and provides actionable tips to prevent such situations.

Understanding Why Car Batteries Die in Cold Weather
Car batteries generate power through a chemical reaction. In cold conditions, this reaction is significantly slowed, diminishing the battery's efficiency in powering your vehicle. A notable fact is that when the temperature falls below freezing, a car battery can lose about 35% of its strength. This loss of power, combined with the thickening of engine oil in cold temperatures, demands more from the battery to start the engine, often leading to its failure.

Strategies to Prevent Car Battery Failures in Cold Weather

Professional Battery Checkup: Before winter arrives, it's necessary to get your battery examined by expert mechanics. This checkup assesses the battery's condition, life expectancy, and its capability to withstand cold weather.
Maintain Battery Warmth: A warm battery operates more efficiently. Parking your car in a garage or a sheltered area can protect the battery from extreme cold.
Minimize Electrical Accessory Use: When starting your car, ensure that all electrical accessories (like the radio, air conditioning, and headlights) are turned off. These accessories draw extra power from the battery, which can be detrimental in cold weather.
Regular Driving: Regular use of your vehicle helps in maintaining the battery’s charge, preventing it from dying during cold spells.
Invest in a Battery Heater: A battery heater can be a wise investment. It keeps the battery warm, aiding in its ability to power your car.

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