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Angel Garage 16 Nov 2023

Is Your Car's Oil Light Flashing a Red Alert?

Understanding the Gravity of the Oil Light

The oil light on your dashboard isn’t just another indicator. Instead, they alarm that your car's engine oil pressure is dangerously low. And Yes, neglecting this warning could lead to a full-blown mechanical crisis.

Still, many people often enquire what will happen if they drive with this light on. If you also share their query then this blog is for you.

Role of Engine Oil
It won't be wrong to call engine oil, the lifeblood of your car. It is a crucial element in working on everything smoothly. Lack of sufficient oil leads to increased friction and overheating, potentially resulting in catastrophic engine failure. Therefore, continuing your journey with the oil light on is a definite no-no.

Immediate Action: What to Do When the Light Comes On
If you are too caught in this situation. Here’s the drill: pull over safely, shut off the engine, and check your oil level. Adding oil might be a quick fix, but it’s often just the first step in a more complex journey.

Call Car Mechanic for Intervention
This is where expert intervention becomes necessary. If your oil level is fine yet the light persists, you need a professional mechanic to diagnose and resolve the underlying issue. The usual suspects range from a low oil level to a malfunctioning oil pump, a blocked oil filter, or a defective oil pressure sensor.

Warranty Woes: The Risk of Ignoring the Oil Light
Overlooking this indicator can invalidate your car's warranty. Manufacturers mandate immediate attention to such warnings, failing which, any subsequent engine damage might not be covered.

False Alarms: Sensor and Wiring Issues
Sometimes, the oil pressure is fine, and it’s just a sensor or wiring issue causing false alarms. However, guessing games are risky; let a seasoned mechanic make the right call.

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